A DNV approved container based work station and power plant.

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The Portable Power Unit (PPU) is designed for remote access work with limited space availability.

The PPU is a conventional 20’x 8’ container, approved to DNV 2.7-1 standards. It houses a 200 KVA diesel generator, nine 630A welder/gougers and a 180CFM screw compressor.

20` x 8` DNV 2.7-1 Container (Power Unit)
6060 x 2440 x 2690
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The PPU is self-contained and fully equipped for mobilisation and demobilisation work.

It is ready to be used at any point of time and is easily transported to any port in the UK.All of the electrics on the PPU are approved to Lloyds 17th edition and the fuel area is 130% bunded to avoid fuel spillage and reduce risk.

The PPU has considerable storage space for consumables and cabling and there is ample space for several of Harper UK’s Locking Tool Boxes.

The Benefits

  • Saves Time
    With a focus on efficiency, the PPU helps staff set up operations quickly.  With all necessary tools and cabling stored safely inside the unit and all connection points situated on a single bulkhead, operators can save time with easy accessibility. The PPU also saves time by reducing the number of lifts needed per job and valuable time used by crane/forklifts on site.
  • Improves Safety
    Safety is paramount at Harper UK. The PPU is designed to improve safety by using an emergency stop loop system, which can be connected to a boat’s emergency stop system. The unit has remote e-stop positions that allow an emergency stop to be initiated by anyone at any time without going near any form of danger. The mobile e stop can be located where the welders are working.  The PPU is also fitted with a fire alarm smoke detectors in all areas and a heat detector in the engine room.
  • Reduces Risk
    Operators will need fewer lifts per job, as the PPU only requires one lift from storage and one at port, which, as well as saving on time, will considerably reduce risk and improve safety.

The PPU is available for hire or purchase from Harper, please contact us directly for more information.